Thursday, April 4, 2019

Advanced Demo -- What Touchshow could do with scripts

In order to show you how Touchshow is different to other Office App, We made this demo. It includes fonts embedding, video playing and the most powerful ability, script executing.

The Original pptx and resource it used can be downloaded from:
The target WTPPT can be downloaded from:

The former two features are not so difficult to understand. So I will not explain much here.

The only point I'd like to mention, is that, why we need a converter. Because it shall be the only right method to play all kinds of videos in PowerPoint. It is due to the following 2 facts:

1) PowerPoint might link external video or audio resources. Simply copying ppt and resources to mobile, the path information will be lost and so the video cannot be playback.

2) Only a few types of video format are supported by mobile device. But it is hard for people to know about those professional knowledge. Touchshow converter will do that for you during forehand conversion.

Another advantage is that you don't need to worry about the unauthorized change to your slide work now, because wtppt is a private format and cannot be modified.

In the rest part of this article, I will explain in detail about script execution. It is a very cool feature. With it, wtppt is not only a PowerPoint file, you'll be able to extend PPT to an interactive application, a rich media education software, or a multimedia information publishing system (As a real example, we did one digital signage application for a shoe shop in Australia one year ago).

WTPPT script is introduced from flash swf file which is hyperlinked or embedded in ppt. The code shall be written in AS3 language. To access local storage and interact with slide contents, we provide some APIs. The API documents will be published in this blog and in our website in the future. 

However, since Apple does not allow app with this method to be uploaded to Apple Appstore, Touchshow with script could only be distributed with Apple Enterprise Enrollment. 

In the current demo, we chose 2 wide-use requests and implemented them to show what the script is able to do.

1. File Protection

Sometimes we want to sell our ppt work to others but fear they may re-distribute our work to the third. To add a password cannot solve this problem as people also pass the password to the next.

The first program we developed is "AccessControl_en.swf", which can prevent our file from unauthorized reading. When the wtppt is opened in mobile phone, it will search for a key file and verify it if it is correct. Otherwise it will quit.

Since the key is set to a hash value to the current device id, it is no use to transfer key file between devices. As a demo, the key for your device will be generated in the same directory of wtppt, named as "key.wt1". Change its name to "key.wt", you'll pass the check. Moreover, the code is able to do other request actions in unauthorized case, to quit immediately, or to restrict reader to the first slide page.

2. Update content dynamically

The second program, with name "UpdateContent.swf", will show how to replace content in a certain slide in run time. In this way, people can insert quiz from online database, or show daily news to their audience.

In original ppt file, we put 3 shapes and set their texts to "{{date}}", "{{ip}}" and "{{img}}", which act as shapes' name to be replaced.

The program will retrieve data from Internet and replace the text during playing. So the final scene looks like below. Date box will show the date today, and the image will be the daily picture from

3. In the end

It is very appreciated for you to reach here. 
If you are a programmer, you could download the code from our website to have a look.

However, most of PowerPoint users are teachers, trainers, salary man, but not a programmer. You are familiar with PowerPoint, and you want more powerful functions to do more but it is hard for programmer to code for you.
It is possible now.
We'd like to develop some useful components (just like file protection swf) and help you to achieve more goals. Leave your message below if you have any idea.

Advanced Demo -- What Touchshow could do with scripts

In order to show you how Touchshow is different to other Office App, We made this demo. It includes fonts embedding, video playing and the...